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rajesh hamal with his mother

The journey of rajesh hamal

Hero Rajesh Hamal has turned 52 since Thursday. Hamal, who was conceived in Tansen Palpa on June 10, 2021 BS, had begun acting in the film ‘Yug Dekhi Yug Samm’. His own uncle passed on. Entering the element film from Deepak Rayamajhi’s film ‘Yug Dekhi Yug Samm’, Hamal got a great deal of consideration from ….  Read More

rakesh-hamal- brother of rajesh hamal

Brother of Rajesh hamal left this world

On-screen character Rajesh Hamal has been experiencing family anguish as his solitary sibling Rakesh Hamal passed on while experiencing treatment in New Delhi . He was carried to Delhi a few of days prior due to liver issues. Family sources said he kicked the bucket at Hams Hospital, Delhi. Rakesh Hamal features a spouse and ….  Read More

Is superstardom eclipsed?

Is Rajesh Hamal being eclipsed within the film business?: The multi-gifted incredible entertainer, a national legend of Nepal, a hero with generally excellent looks, telling voice, tall solid constitution, great battling abilities, Rajesh Hamal is without a doubt everybody’s decision from over 2 decades. it had been the hour of high contrast cinematography, in any ….  Read More