Is it common for casino employees to engage in gambling activities at their workplace, and if they do, what is the extent of their gambling and which games/slots do they prefer to play?

It is not uncommon for casino employees to gamble in the casinos where they work, but the extent to which they gamble and the games/slots they play can vary.

Most casinos have strict policies in place regarding gambling by employees to prevent conflicts of interest, maintain professionalism, and ensure that the games are fair for all players. These policies may limit the amount of money that employees can gamble, the types of games they can play, and the hours when they are allowed to gamble.

Some casinos may allow employees to gamble during their off-hours, while others may prohibit gambling entirely. The specific policies can depend on the casino’s location, size, and ownership.

In general, it is likely that casino employees who do gamble in their workplace would gravitate towards games that offer the best odds or the most potential for big wins. For example, some employees may prefer to play blackjack or video poker, while others may opt for slot machines. The amount that employees gamble can vary widely depending on their personal financial situation and gambling preferences.

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