From what source did the Obamas acquire the funds to purchase their 11.75 million dollar home in Martha’s Vineyard?

The Obamas have been successful in their respective careers, and they have various sources of income. While their exact financial situation is not publicly disclosed, it is known that they have earned significant sums of money through book deals, speaking engagements, and investments.

In 2017, Barack and Michelle Obama signed book deals worth a reported $65 million with Penguin Random House. In addition, Barack Obama has earned millions of dollars from speaking engagements, and both he and Michelle Obama have received significant royalties from their books.

It’s worth noting that the Obamas didn’t pay the full price of the Martha’s Vineyard home upfront, but rather took out a mortgage to finance the purchase. It’s likely that they used a combination of their income and savings to make the down payment and qualify for the mortgage.

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