Could Harvard potentially operate without charging tuition due to its substantial financial resources?

Harvard University has a significant endowment, which is a fund made up of donations and investments that the university can use to support its operations and financial aid programs. As of 2021, Harvard’s endowment was valued at approximately $41.9 billion.

However, it is not accurate to say that Harvard has so much money that it could afford not to charge tuition. The endowment is not a bottomless source of funds and is carefully managed to ensure that it can support the university’s operations in the long term.

Moreover, tuition fees only make up a portion of the revenue that Harvard generates. The university also receives income from research grants, donations, and other sources. While Harvard’s endowment does allow it to offer generous financial aid packages to its students, it is still necessary for the university to charge tuition in order to cover its operating expenses.

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