How do you confirm if a charge was refunded on your debit or credit card?

An image of a person checking their online banking statement on a computer screen, with a magnifying glass focused on a specific transaction.

To check if a charge was refunded on your debit or credit card, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check your recent transactions: Start by reviewing the recent transactions on your debit or credit card account. You can typically do this by logging into your account online or by checking your monthly statement.
  2. Look for the refunded amount: Look for the transaction that you believe has been refunded. The refunded amount will usually appear as a credit on your account, with a negative sign next to the amount.
  3. Verify the date and amount: Make sure that the date and amount of the refunded transaction match what you were expecting.
  4. Check the status of the refund: If you are unsure if the refund has been processed, you can contact the merchant or service provider to verify the status of the refund.
  5. Allow time for processing: Keep in mind that refunds can take several business days to process, so it’s possible that the refunded amount may not appear on your account immediately.

If you have any concerns about the refund or if the refunded amount does not appear on your account within a reasonable timeframe, you may want to contact your card issuer or bank for assistance.

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