Brother of Rajesh hamal left this world

rakesh-hamal- brother of rajesh hamal
rakesh hamal brother of rajesh hamal
Rakesh hamal and rajesh hamal at family function pictured

On-screen character Rajesh Hamal has been experiencing family anguish as his solitary sibling Rakesh Hamal passed on while experiencing treatment in New Delhi .

He was carried to Delhi a few of days prior due to liver issues. Family sources said he kicked the bucket at Hams Hospital, Delhi.

Rakesh Hamal features a spouse and two youngsters. Rajesh’s couple and his sibling’s family sleep in an identical house in Kathmandu. they need three sisters. Rajesh is eighteen months more seasoned than his sibling. Rakesh was out of the film business, not in the least like his skilled sibling Rajesh.

Rajesh remains in Kathmandu. it’s comprehended that conversations are ongoing to bring Rakesh’s body from Delhi.

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