Rajesh Hamal says ,”Forgive Deepa”.

Veteran actor Rajesh Hamal took to social media in an effort to place an end to the controversy surrounding actress-director Deepa Shree Niraula in reference to her questioning the ‘Mahanayak’ titled bestowed upon him.

Sharing a video on his Facebook on July 14, he urged the general public “to be positive and forgive the person concerned”.

The ‘Mahanayak’ debate erupted some two week ago when Niraula questioned the tag in an interview. She received tons of online hate and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.
He hopes and expects they’re going to create and provides a simple environment for artistes to maneuver forward also as regeneration to “inspire artistes”.

Observing that “a quite anger goes on for last two-three weeks” after a colleague/artiste aired her views publicly, Hamal expressed his sadness over the talk amid the crucial time of COVID-19.

He then questions whether it’s right to offer the type of feedback that brings harm, attacks and wounds the humanity of that person for views expressed publicly.

Adding that he has the tolerance to pay no heed to such expressions but ignore and move forward together with his work, he says, “I got that tolerance from the energy given by you (audience)” — underscoring the importance of the audience within the making of art and artistes.

“That is why you’ve got an enormous role in it. So, i would like to request my audience and public from rock bottom of my heart to be open, ponder on the larger picture and express one’s views in positive way without harming one’s humanity.”

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