Deepak Raj Giri says he and deepa is being attacked by rajesh hamal’s fan

Comedian and actor Deepak Raj Giri has said that they’re constantly being chased through social media. a couple of days ago, during a television interview, actress and director Deepashree Niraula remarked to Rajesh Hamal, “Is he the Mahanayak?”, where Giri is additionally being widely attacked on social media.

during this regard, Giri went survive Facebook on Sunday evening and told that cyber bullying is being administered against them as planned from fake ID.

“According to cyber technology experts, the 75 percent attack us came from fake IDs. The group of faux IDs is organized,” Giri said on Facebook Live, “Ravi Lamichhane was also attacked within the same way a while ago.”

“People aren’t ready to stand with us. once they speak, they’re chased away with an equivalent fake IDs. and that they are even being abused through text messages,” he added.

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