Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal requests all to welcome Nepalis returning Nepal warmly as they’re our own

Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal has urged people to supply a warm welcome to Nepalis returning home from abroad. The actor sent the message to all or any people of Nepal to offer support and motivation with a clean heart to those returning home via his social media.

“Each day thousands of our Nepali brothers and sisters are returning to their homes. Come let’s welcome them warmly, with a Namaste,” the Basanti actor posted on his Instagram and Facebook on Midsummer Eve .
Hamal also posted a video where he recites a poetry and a message of unity for migrant workers returning home.
“In the days of uncertainly and challenges, thousands of citizens of our country are returning to their homes in search of safety and support,” reads the message that appears within the video before the Mahanayak eloquently recites a poem on love and unity emphasising a nyano (warm) welcome.

“He is son of somebody . She is daughter of somebody he’s someone’s father. She is someone’s mother. Brother, sister, friend, husband or wife, be it anyone, they’re not paraya (others). they’re our own,” Hamal says. “Grew up during this land. Played on this soil. We hold them dear in our eyes,” he adds within the video.

“When the fear of corona happened , why did they become others in no time. Is that what we call a family?” he goes on to ask.

Hamal urges all to offer support to the returnees with a clean heart but warns to not forget to stay your hands clean.

Lastly he video involves unity during this trying time. “It is that the time to strive for unity. Let’s get together for migrant workers returning home and motivate them.”

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